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Summer in Lechtal gets holidaymakers’ pulses racing! Countless hiking trails and mountain tours lead through the Lechtal nature park and offer you everything typical of our Lechtal: mountains, forests, green pastures, Europe’s last wild river, the Lech and crystal clear mountain lakes.

Set off on a journey through one of Tyrol’s most stunning hiking areas.

Nature and the surrounding area don’t just make Holzgau paradise for hikers but runners, bikers, anglers and adventurers get their money’s worth here too. A fairy tale, variety-packed summer holiday awaits you in Lechtal.
Whether you’re an experienced summer athlete, curious beginner, old or young, on your own or in a group – Tyrol’s mountain summer has the perfect adventure for everyone!

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Nature park Tyrolean Lech

Tiroler Lech nature park: 41 square kilometres particularly worthy of protection. Once you arrive here you will immediately see why. It is situated in the Northwest of Tyrol and is part of the Reutte district. The nature park region consists of 24 member communities that are situated along the Lech or on its most important tributaries. Tiroler Lech nature park has also been a registered association since 2006 and the foundation of the nature park since then.

You can find many impressive natural features in the Lechtal nature park region that make these landscapes the most beautiful and natural in the Alps. With its typical habitats and a large number of rare or endangered species, the mostly natural and unspoilt region became a protection objective for the European-wide Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

Holzgau in the Tyrolean Lechtal

A small “village” with approx. 414 inhabitants, nestled into the stunning scenery of the Tiroler Lechtal nature park, the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps. The view over the mountains, the green pastures and forests and in the winter the magical snow-covered landscape invite you to linger in Holzgau for a bit longer.

Holzgau situated at 1,103 m above sea level has still preserved its rural character today and is nestled into a varied and mostly still unspoilt alpine landscape. The perfect setting for a successful holiday, a contrast to city life and peace and quiet and pure nature for anyone in need of a holiday.

A place with history! Mentioned for the first time in official documents in about 1315, the place was given its name “Holzgau” due to the floodplains (Au) that were rich in wood (Holz) and forests. Life in Lechtal’s high alpine landscape was very difficult up to about the 19th century. The income from farming was usually too low to be able to keep and feed a house and farm as well as large families, as they tended to be back then. As a result, many children moved over the Alps to Swabia every year in spring to be placed somewhere to work. They’re known as “Swabian children” today.

Tourism improved the people of Holzgau’s lives, resulting in valuable business relationships. The artistically decorated façades of the houses in Holzgau and a local museum provide insight into the former life in the Upper Lechtal.

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Short story

Before Lechtal became known as a tourist destination, the inhabitants mainly lived off agriculture. Commercial businesses and industry only rarely settled in the former Lechtal due to it being remote, so there weren’t usually enough employment opportunities for family which led to relocation or migration. Sometimes the poverty was so great that the children even had to move over the Alps as far as Swabia to be able to earn money for the family. The “Swabian children” era.

Necessity is the mother of invention though, which is why residents turned to travelling trading. As traders and pedlars with experience in the home and textiles sector they moved out of the German-speaking region, even as far as Holland, England and the USA. Suffering from homesickness, the emigrants returned to Lechtal when they were older and expressed their wealth by decorating the houses with rich façade adornments. These artistic façade paintings can still mainly be seen in the Elbigenalp, Holzgau and Hägerau municipalities.

Products from the Lechtal

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    meat, honey, butter, cheese

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