Tyrolean bacon dumplings

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 6 old bread rolls or 250 g of dumpling bread
  • Salt
  • ¼ l milk
  • 3 tbsps breadcrumbs
  • 80 g very finely diced bacon
  • 30 g butter
  • Chives
  • Salt water
  • 1½ l vegetable or beef stock


Pour a bit of warm milk over the bread rolls cut into small pieces or the dumpling bread and leave to soak for a few minutes. Fry the bacon in butter in the meantime. Add the rest of the milk, eggs and diced bacon to the bread, season with salt and mix everything by hand. Mix in the breadcrumbs. If the mixture is too wet, add a few more breadcrumbs.

Using wet hands shape the mixture into 8-12 dumplings of the same size and leave them to simmer in boiling salt water for 10-15 minutes. Put the Tyrolean bacon dumplings in a large bowl, pour the stock over them and sprinkle with chives. Serve with cabbage salad.